Tips on How to Get the Best Cell Phone Reception

cell phoneHow many times have you experienced a dropped call or poor reception when using your cell phone? A study claims close to 70 percent of Americans experience dropped calls. A poor reception can be contributed to many situations with some including traveling out of a service area or simply having a phone with a low battery. There are a few things that can interfere with your cell phone like having someone spy on a cell phone without installing software and other things that can take up space on your cell phone. There are a few things cell phone users can do to improve their reception when they find themselves in an area lacking a strong signal to get the best cell phone experience. Consider the following points.

  • When in a building or dwelling consider moving to a window or changing your location to attract a stronger reception. There are times an individual can be in a building and all of the sudden lose reception. Some structures block signals sent from the control tower the cell phone is supposed to pick up. Moving your position in the building to a higher location or near a window can increase strength of the signal for the phone to detect.
  • Are you near other electronics that can interfere with your reception? Some cell phone devices are sensitive to other electronic devices nearby. It depends on the cell phone but users tend to notice a pattern when their phone is near certain electronics. Try moving your phone away from electronics in question to improve your signal.
  • Invest in a cell phone booster for reception or an amplifier. These are optional products that can be installed with assistance from a professional. They work to give the phone an antenna that can help the device get a better signal. This option may be helpful to users living in areas with hills. An amplifier can be mounted onto a dwelling or vehicle to increase cell phone signal to help it reach the main tower.
  • Do you have enough battery power? Sometimes a cell phone can act funny when it doesn’t have enough power. A simple fix can be to charge your device when you notice the power is low. Another option includes getting a new battery for your device sort of as a back up. If you had your phone for a while it could be time to change the battery and see if that will give you a better result.
  • How is the weather? The weather may be a factor in some locations. Conditions such as wind and severe weather may affect how the signal is carried from the towel out to cell phones. Other elements such as humidity and climate can make it challenging for cell phones to get a good signal. The best thing to do in this case is to wait for the weather to improve. If humidity is a factor consider getting your device into a cooler environment or room.
  • Consider changing networks. If you had enough of dealing with reception problems it may be time to consider getting another provider. Some providers offer better reception in certain areas than others. This may also be a good time to consider upgrading your phone. My top network suggestions for signal would be AT&T or Verizon.